“Don’t tell me about the labor pain, just show me the baby!”

I love this quote! I am not sure who originally said it, but my teammate says it often. And with so many posts in 2020, it’s my inspiration to get right to the point.

Here is what I learned (or renewed my mind with) this wild year:


Despite my best-laid plans, life is short and every day is a precious gift! We received a terminal diagnosis for someone we love, had my own health scare (the labs were wrong. I’m good!), and lost people we cared about unexpectedly to COVID-19. All of these were great reminders that we are all just visiting! Thank you to my good friend and teammate, Barney Schwartz for my coffee mug that will help remind me to stay focused on not wasting time. It says, “I just survived another meeting that could have been an email.” LOL. Never again buddy!


Thank you, Dave Ramsey! Becoming and staying debt-free years ago was hard! BUT it was such an unexpected blessing this year when things got “scary” through the crisis. If you haven’t checked out Dave Ramsey, 2021 is as great of a year as any. Do it!


Whom we do life with, really matters! I couldn’t do a post long enough to talk about all of the tough, honest, encouraging, and amazing servant leaders I am blessed to have in my life. These amazing individuals shined so bright to me in a dark year and inspired me so many times to keep running, walking, or crawling when the path ahead seemed dark and scary. Thank you for who you are! You know who you are, it’s okay to admit it! You are pretty special. 😊


When times are tough, having clarity here helps you continue to jump out of bed. In 2020, knowing my purpose helped me stay focused on how I used time, where we spent or invested money, and what relationships to grow.

Happy New Year to each of you! I would love to hear what 2020 taught or reminded you. I look forward to achieving a Bigger and Better 2021 together!