How to Make Every Day a Snow Day

A debate had gone on in my office on whether the storm was going to be as bad as everyone says or if it was just another chance for Pete Delkus to flex his muscles on us. (You were right this time, Pete!) Regardless, I’m surprised at how many successful entrepreneurs I know and get the privilege of serving, who dislike their company so much that they get more excited about a snow day than my 3 kids.

If you are one of them, then please let me say… I get it! No judgment. I’ve been there as well. I believe we all have at one point or another. But you don’t have to feel this way towards your company. Every day can feel like a snow day if you love what you do.

Here are 4 quick lessons I have learned the hard way that can help:

1. Take a break. Make sure you are taking enough free time. Yes, there’s Covid, but there are still ways to take a break. You could start reading that book you’ve been planning to read for a long time or reconnect and catch up with your friends or spend quality time with your family. I spent Valentine’s Day making spaghetti for my family, it was great! They loved it!

Whatever you’d like to do on this day off, use this time away to gather your thoughts and charge your body and mind. When we get overworked, we get overstressed, and everyone around us begins to look like an idiot. Most of the time when I feel that way, I usually find out in hindsight that the only idiot in the equation was me. ?

2. Live within your means. Be careful not to get overleveraged personally with your lifestyle and keep a solid emergency fund both personally and for the business. My friends and clients who “have to work” to “pay the bills” have a job that they usually resent, not a business they love. Living within your means typically means that you should spend less than you make, avoid debt, and not overextend yourself.

When I was newly married and broke, my wife’s car broke down on the highway. But even though I was told that a good husband would buy her a more reliable car, I didn’t! And it was one of the best decisions I made because if I had bought her a new car, we would have had to go further into debt.

3. Right People, Right Seats. The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) mantra “Right People Right Seats” is “2 legit to quit.” The entrepreneurs I know who love their businesses the most love their teams they get to work with the most. Personally, the people I get to work with are a HUGE portion of why I do what I do. 

Thanks to Hoops HR who has been helping us recruit core values aligned people. We have been getting better people and at a lower cost per hire than ever.

4. Make an impact. If you can’t see the value or difference your business makes in the lives of others, it may be time to go talk with your team or clients directly and find out what it means to them. You have to dig in deeper and identify how your business makes a difference and what good it brings to your people and your clients. More Purpose = More Snow Days

Did I miss any ideas that make you love your business each day and make you feel like every day is a snow day? We all need inspiration from time to time.

Thank you to all of you who make my every day a snow day!