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A lifetime entrepreneur and learner, Steven Neuner stands out as a leader of compassion and innovation in every industry in which he operates.

Starting his first “real business” out of the guest bedroom of his home in his twenties with no money, no capabilities, and no connections, just the love and support of his wife and a ton of hustle and grit, Steven has now built, scaled, and helps operate multiple multi-million dollar companies.

Taking that first leap of faith in himself wasn’t easy, however. While he was always entrepreneurial by nature—he started his own lawn mowing company as a teenager and refurbished computers in college—he never imagined he would stray from his planned future in dentistry. After all, who doesn’t love a sure thing? Between the good pay and steady hours, it seemed like the right choice for someone looking to build a life for himself and his growing family. It wasn’t until Steven volunteered at a dental office that he realized his passion wasn’t there—and how important finding it would be for his future health, happiness, and success.

So, he put himself on the line by starting his own company.

“It was like jumping off a cliff,” he admits, “and I often wondered whether I’d made the right choice walking away from a ‘real job.’”

Those same fears resurfaced when he decided to join The Strategic Coach® Program. Qualifying by just $1, his wife pregnant, and their debt accumulating, he was terrified he was making the wrong choice and, worse still, that his family would be the ones to suffer the consequences.

Fortunately for his many future clients, he trusted in himself and his capabilities enough to take the plunge … and has since been rewarded by exponential growth and freedom. He’s working less, making more, and operating exclusively within his Unique Ability®: to connect, identify the root issue, and help create freedom for others.

“Strategic Coach was just the greatest blessing,” he says. “Thanks to Coach, my wife and I went from surviving to thriving.” Just by applying Coach tools and concepts, he and his wife have grown their business 120x, with two others that are 15x larger than the business they qualified for Coach with, and have new opportunities for entrepreneurial enterprises opening up every day.

And he’s made it his mission to help others find their own versions of this freedom, clarity, and joy.

“When people are stuck, they come to me,” he says, “because I often see things others don’t. The problem is rarely the problem. It’s usually how you’re thinking about it. I help people get to the root of their issues.”

As an insurance provider and owner/partner in two other purpose-driven, tech-enabled service businesses, this means needing the courage to ask his teams and clients tough questions, the ones most people are too afraid to ask.

As a business owner, it means creating cultures where every one of his team members feels motivated, challenged, and supported in their work.

In fact, his greatest business achievements to date are the “championship teams” he’s built, and he takes immense pride in creating structures that afford his team members the same freedoms he now enjoys. For example, as an employee benefit, he pays for every team member to attend Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University so they learn the skills necessary to achieve financial freedom for themselves.

Everything Steven does in business is aimed at empowering people to make good decisions that fit their life or stage of business growth and, ultimately, realize their full potential. And it’s in others’ success stories that his own joy blossoms. As he says, with his characteristic sincerity and humility, “Money is just a byproduct. Helping people is the real reward.”

Beyond business, Steven, having grown up in a very challenging and often chaotic relational and financial environment, maintains a unique perspective on the importance of living in pursuit of a life of “perfectly imperfect” balanced growth. This unique perspective shows up in each of the Strategic Coach® sessions he attends where he continues to reflect and focus on his own Bigger Future, setting meaningful personal goals around his faith and service to others, his marriage to Corey—his best friend and one of his business partners—and all the fun (and sometimes crazy) goals they take on together with their three children, huge extended family, and closest friends. Some of these goals, which “would never have been set or achieved without the support of Strategic Coach principles and mindsets,” include:

Visiting all 50 states before their kids graduate high school.
Publishing a children’s book Steven wrote for fun.
Completing a three-year adventure in building confidence (see the Strategic Coach book The 4 C’s Formula) as co-founder and co-host of a Dallas business radio show called “The Next Level—Conversations that Propel Business.”
Steven’s “Entrepreneurial Freedom Days,” where Steven has reignited his love for “play” and unique challenges like mountain biking, wake surfing, go-karting, and restoring-flipping classic cars.

Steven’s life’s journey is an example of what it looks like to play full out in the essential areas of life, leaning into his own Bigger Future while contributing to the Bigger Futures of others.

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