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Dogs on Heaven Street

Puppies like to have fun and play. But what happens when their special talents get them into trouble? When five puppies use their unique abilities to misbehave, they discover there’s much more to life than having fun. 

Dogs on Heaven Street is perfect for shared reading with a child. Young readers will love reading about all the humorous adventures Precious, Scotty, Moose, Frankie, and Spike are up to on Heaven Street. This inspiring book teaches children to:

  • explore their own unique talents
  • recognize peer pressure
  • navigate life’s challenges while pursuing their own purpose
  • understand the timeless lesson of God’s unconditional love


It is so important to share the message of salvation through Christ with our children in age-appropriate and creative ways. In Dogs on Heaven Street, we see a fun and attention-grabbing way for children to connect with the relationship God has with His children through His Son, Jesus.” In a world that needs fathers who take their role in nurturing the faith and character of children seriously, Steven is a shining example, leveraging his creativity to assist parents in revealing Jesus to their children.

ed young

Senior Pastor of Fellowship Church

Dogs on Heaven Street provides a clear analogy of the Gospel readable for any age.  The message; we are all sinners in need of a Savior.  By His sacrifice, Jesus paid for our transgressions which allowed the repentor back into fellowship with God.  Good read! 

Paul Neuner

Devoted Husband & Father of Five
Managing Partner of Next Retirement Solutions

I wish I had a book like Dogs on Heaven Street when I was growing up that could have helped me understand God’s Love for us and Christ’s role in our salvation.

Terry Pham

Devoted Husband & Father of Three
Founder and CEO of Fat Straws

Our young friends deserve to hear the gospel presented in a way they can understand it. Neuner presents the great love of God in a way everyone can understand, no matter what age they are.

Todd Pinkston

Devoted Husband & Father of Two
President and Co-Founder of WayForward Adventures