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TOPICS for your next Event

How to be an Entrepreneur Inside a $1.5B Company

In this fun, foundational, and inspiring topic, the audience will learn/will be reminded:

  • The importance of creativity and effective strategies in creating freedom for oneself.
  • Effective mindsets and strategies for building “championship teams.”
  • Strategies to avoid wasting your life in unproductive meetings or committees.

Secret Insights on Purpose from the Top 1%

In this presentation Steven will share his personal search for Purpose and Significance. He will also share valuable lessons he has learned while working with and coaching thousands of successful entrepreneurs, millionaires, and multi-millionaires. The audience will walk away motivated, freed up, excited, and more productive as they:

  • Debunk myths and mindsets that are blocking them from success that leads to significance.
  • Are able to identify the hidden “Purpose Trap” people fall into and how avoid it.
  • Understand key Insights for finding their “Purpose for Today”
  • Be equipped with tools and mentalities that develop Purposeful Living.

What 40 Year Old Multi-Millionaires would Tell Their 20 Year Old Self

Goal setting for the next generation of entrepreneurs. In this fun, illuminating, and inspiring topic, the audience will learn:

  • How to set goals when you aren’t fully clear about your lifetime Purpose.
  • Effective strategies to avoid climbing the wrong ladder.
  • Swipe Left or Swipe Right – A proven formula for success with friends.

You Wouldn’t Believe it if I Told You (Faith-Based Content)

The Strange Story of Dogs on Heaven Street. In this inspiring and convicting talk, Steven will share the incredibly strange story of failing forward through the creation of “Dogs on Heaven Street.”  As he shares his story, the audience will learn:

  • How to find the value in any struggle.
  • Useful strategies for evaluating your mindset and removing barriers that can block God’s abundance and provision.
  • The lessons from the “Dogs on Heaven Street” that apply to anyone.


Steven’s charisma, audiovisual presentation, and light comedy were well-timed, organized, informative, and most of all, full of numerous actionable items. He has a great gift in public speaking and engaging any crowd.

Stephanie D. Spencer, CWCC, CPCU

Vice President – Central States & Western Regions

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